We offer an expanding spiral pattern of curriculum with emphasis on skills in self-help, self-direction and independence, later on moving to family living skills, community living skills and further integration with the bigger circles outside of the child's own community. Curriculum for secondary education is vocational oriented and aims at preparing the child for skills training. Socialized rates are available depending on financial capacity of the family.

The following steps are followed in order to facilitate admission to the center and its programs:

1. All students/patients are referred to doctors, educators and therapists as well as other specialists if necessary.

2. Individual evaluations are accomplished and diagnosis is established for each child.

3. Each child is scheduled for a multidisciplinary conference with the group of specialists who diagnosed the child and the parents and/or sibling of the child.

4. The above procedures need not delay administration of physical therapy/occupational therapy/speech therapy or SpEd program.

5. All children and parents are interviewed by the social service department for placement of payment categories.

Requirements to avail discounts:

1. Social Case Study (M/CSWD).

2. 2 copies of 3R photograph

3. Birth certificate (photocopy only)

4. ITR/Certificate of Indigency (original)











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