The foundation, in behalf of the minds and the skills of the people that serves as its backbone, stands to:

Address the educational and therapeutic needs of exceptional children thru a holistic and multidisciplinary approach.

Educate families with exceptional children to recognize their role as the most vital resource in promoting the welfare of their handicapped children and adolescent.

Create opportunities for special children to integrate with the community in various aspects of life-education, sports-recreation, socialization and spiritual expression.

Develop into a center for teaching, training and research on special education and rehabilitation with the goal of translating knowledge into workable programs and services for handicapped children of all economic status.



The HELP Learning Center Foundation, Inc. as a model community in the service of Handicapped Children and the Youth will:

Promote an integrated and comprehensive life-span program of education and habilitation thru a workable system of alliances and networking;

Provide community-based, family values sensitive and culturally competent programs;

Strive to replicate itself in receptive communities and organize community-based centers that are strong in self-help and creative networking.





















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